utopia of extended here and now – an online environment performance

utopia of extended here and now – an online environment performance happened on the 10th of january, 2021.

utopia of extended here and now – an online environment performance is at the same time a reprise of a live performance from last June, an attempt of it’s translation into online space, as well as a practice of collective act in the unknown, uncontrollable and ambiguous space that the moment of now is.

This 11-hour event is a performance of an online, digital and physical environment. Performance is inside of, against, with the, beyond space and time of digital and online.You are invited to come in and out, watch, listen, spend time along, talk, observe and play in this 11-hour time interval in the spatial dis-continuity of online and physical spaces/places.

The access to the performance is free, though we ask you to consider donating (again) to Solidarna Foundation for the earthquake in Croatia relief. It started snowing, and the action of buying and delivering boots and underwear to the area is in progress.

These are the data:
Account holder: SOLIDARNA- Foundation for Human Rights and Solidarity
Address: Trg kralja Petra Kresimira IV 2, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Reference number: 01-2021
Model (if needed): 00
Or via our donor platform www.solidarna.hr/donirajte
or via Paypal: info@solidarna.hr
or via KEKS Pay
*SWIFT/BIC number is required for international payments.

Utopia of Extended Here and Now is made by a practice of collective experience – through the polyvalence of its definition as an object of art or as a category of the social. This gesture of liveness and collectivity is a utopian attempt, but also an immediate act – a disruption in the political space of digital and online presence and its normative economy of attention.A way to think authorship – in which the space of the performance (now digital and online) emerges as an environment that we as entities establish through our inter-existence.

This performance is a part of Antisezona 20 online+live programming in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. Program of Antisezona is financed by the Ministry of Culture and the City of Zagreb.