sleep concerts

durational sound art performance (2016 – ongoing)

“even a soul submerged in sleep is hard at work and helps make something of the world.”
― heraclitus, the fragments

“there are now very few significant interludes of human existence (with the colossal exception of sleep) that have not been penetrated and taken over as work time, consumption time, or marketing time.”
― jonathan crary, 24/7: late capitalism and the ends of sleep

sleep concerts are a way to perform experimental music and sound to the resting audience. this way the question of public space (the gallery) and intimacy (sleeping) are brought into relation. the audience becomes an active recipient of sound in an act of collective sleeping, and the gallery a ”safe zone”. for now two concerts were held in zagreb (gallery miroslav kraljević – 2016; student centre gallery – 2017) and two in berlin (ZK/U – center for art and urbanistics – 2018, 2019) and on at the silba island (silba environment art) in collaboration with fellow musicians and friends.

performers at gallery miroslav kraljević (2016): barbara majnarić, jurica pačelat, ivan šaravanja, vatroslav živković, vedran živković, tin dožić

performers at student centre gallery (as grupa ono, 2017): ivan šaravanja, vedran živković, tin dožić

performers at ZK/U (2018) – center for art and urbanistics: carl bussey, cha ji ryang, hyemin jungsven sorić, vanda kreutz, tin dožić

performers at ZK/U (2019) – center for art and urbanistics: carl bussey,  hyemin jungsven sorić, tihomir zdjelarević, byungseo yoo, tin dožić

performers at silba environment art – sven sorić, ivan šaravanja, vedran živković, tin dožić