panacea /( pjesme i napitak

exhibited the audiovisual installation titled panacea /( pjesme i napitak — panacea /( songs and potion. the installation was produced in collaboration with luana lojić, and with the help by kora dvorski, a biologist.

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the audiovisual installation panacea /( songs and potion was realized as a result of contaminated soil and water research. panacea, the universal cure, is recognized in the process of bioremediation – a method used to ”cure” contaminated media (soil, water, subsurface material) by altering environmental conditions to stimulate growth of microorganisms and degrade the target pollutants. we collected materials for this work through a process of lab and field work and by talking to bioremediation experts. videos of the locations and various bio media (active sludge) were made. we used microscopes to record microorganisms that help decompose wastewater. the work was inspired by the movements of these microorganisms and their choreographies. we where fascinated by the poetics of nonhuman actors.

we visited zagreb wastewater treatment plant, oil rigs close to zagreb, and interviewed professors from faculty of science, university of zagreb and rochester institute of technology, zagreb. especially interesting was talking to prof. staša puškarić about human waste composting and using sustainable methods to treat wastewaters. you can watch a ted talk by him on this link. also, he appeared in the documentary ice on fire (2019) – link.

biologist collaborator: kora dvorski

graphic design: sven sorić  (web link)

thank you:
vanja babić
jasna zmajić
faculty of science, university of zagreb
prof. staša puškarić
studio pangolin (web link)
UR institute (web link)
zagreb wastewater treatment plant – zagrebačke otpadne vode (web link)