koreografija utopije, pokret br. 2 / w. andro giunio & sonja pregrad

performance of movement, sound and light (2018)

{choreography of utopia, movement #2}


a score for the long now and here

vocalising reptiles
vocalising animals
vocalising humans

we are a string of folds shrouded in cosmos

blinded sound

the song is a space

in the mist of oscillations

touching your own speech

a roomful of listening

where do they house their shape?



koreografija utopije, pokret br. 2. is an expanded choreographic research developed through collaboration between sonja pregradandro giunio and tin dožić. the work examines modes of codependence seen as an utopian organism. this work is a part of research titled koreografija utopije initiated by sonja pregrad and četveroruka organisation about modes of codependence and sinestesia /// a choreography developed as a proces of codependece in which time is built by the slipping of one media into antoher, the space becomes an amplified resonance of touhes by means of sound, light and movement.


movement: sonja pregrad

sound: andro giunio

light: tin dožić


outer body/ear/eye: gregor kamnikar and davorka begović

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