sound installation with kinetic objects (2017)


im)purities is a work dealing with the concept of purity and the purity of the concept. the work is positioned as a media archaelogical inquiery into technological artifacts. this kind of approach is a practice that emphasizes the role of materialism in society and in sound art. this work is possible because of the prevailing material abundance, and wishes to adress the problematics of waste. it also asks questions about the purity of the used medium and is situated between instalation and a sound piece.

the methodology of this work consists in obtaining obsolete materials in valladolid and utilizing them to build kinetic objects. these objects interact with eachother (visually, sonically and physically) and the author interacts with them. this way during the residency a field of objects emerges, and they become related to their sorrounding space. will these objects become an installation or sound instruments is left unclear untill the final exhibition.