i am sitting in a room v2.0

sound performance (2016)


this work is a digital hommage/remix of alvin lucier’s ”i am sitting in a room”. the work focuses on human voice becoming a digital artefact and the instabillity/fragillity of digital media. while lucier was using acoustics of physical space as a starting point and utilizing acoustical phenomenon for his piece, this work takes the digital ”space” as a starting point.  through transcoding and databending a live recorded file of the artists voice he searches for its extremes and sonic textures that completely render it functionless. the recording gradually starts to loose its fidelity and through time it becomes completely bent, ending in harsh noise. it is not the voice that is bent, but its medialized version, the audio file. this work takes into account the poetic aspect of lucier’s original work. the text itself is changed and applied to the artists bad english accent.