songs for the anthropocene

multimedia installation (2018)

songs for the anthropocene are two installations (songs for the anthropocene and songs for the anthropocene #2) both created in 2018.

songs for the anthropocene

the anthropocene is a proposed epoch that begins with an increase in the significance of human influence on the geology and the ecosystem of the planet earth. this work focuses on the anthropocene, emphasizing the important role of technology in that era. by dealing with different modes of recording information and technological artefacts from the close past and present, the i want to create loose connections between different anthropocenic symptoms. the work is realised as a collection of found and discarded objects, obsolete technologies and tools, digital glitches in video and sattelite images. i am interested in the impurity in it’s every sense, impurity of pollution, impurity of image transmission, impurity of the way the work is presented, and finally the impurity in the relations between the elements of the installation that generates new meaning.

the work was first presented at prozori gallery in zagreb, and was adapted to it’s specific context (library). from the text by gallery prozori curator irena bekić: ”by referring to some presupposed museum exhibit and referring directly to the actual function of a specific gallery / library space, tin dožić creates a dystopian shelf with artifacts that are the relics of still lasting time. it is, of course, obsolete technological devices with different record formats, from charts to satellite imagery, whose manipulations create new uses and visualizations of metaphors that can suggest future links or be traces of the past. it is precisely in spatial and temporal alignment, that is, the minimum amount of time between the status of a useful device and the status of garbage, that the dystopian tension of this installation becomes evident. it can, at the same time, present an exhibit of an archeological museum from the future, a bookcase of a future imaginary library, an epoch of a time after cataclysm or the scene of a modern waste landfill, creating the complex imaginary of our time. […] the segments of the installation, each represent a different technological system, and are rounded off into fictitious stories, that is, songs produced by transformations of actual topographies. by sampling sound, slowing down the film, moving or disintegrating the image, etc., the author creates records that are in the same time dystopian landscapes and strata of geological stratigraphy and lab illustrations, but we also recognize them as fragments of our own history.”

the work itself is of hybrid form, changing at each exhibition. it is consisted of:

video loop 1 (15’49”) – time lapse changes of 3d models of zagreb (google maps manipulation), growth of buildings as crystals

video loop 2 (4’34”) – pulsating google maps footage of the zagreb landfill (glitch as a result of a bad internet connection), series of kitsch images taken from the obsolete and (today) nonexistent web page yahoo!geocities, geometrical images of platonic shapes, omissions in the loading of google maps 3d models, sound – stereo loop made by sampling the hiss of a found microcassette

video loop 3 (4’13”) – found footage, glitch from the series cosmos (carl sagan) connected with a glitched live stream of the author’s concert in berlin

2 slide projectors – one found diapositive depicting the krb gundremmingen nuclear power plant and the other diapositive containing the authors photography of an discarded crt tv in public

different technological artefacts – a hand drill from the middle of the 20th century, digital telephone screen showing incomprehensible letters and numbers, a walkman

crystals grown from monoammonium posphate (map), a mineral used in the production of artificial soil fertilizers

video generated by sound (diy sound device generating an image on a small crt tv)

light box with a series of found diapositives

the work was exhibited on a solo exhibition at gallery prozori (2018, zagreb), and at the golden watermelon exhibition at the media mediterranea festival (pula, 2018).

photos of the installation (documented at gallery miroslav kraljević, 2019)



songs for the anthropocene #2

songs for the anthropocene #2 was made as a sister work for songs for the anthropocene. this work is based on the reapropriation of obsolete technologies, and consists of kinetic objects made out of elements taken from obsolete personal computers and other objects found in the trash. all of these e-waste objects are resurrected as zombie media and brought into relation with digital samples of found sound. the sound of google translator narrates all of the materials used to create one personal computer. in this work a am interested in the way we define something as old. in comparison to geological time, all computers are new, but on a micro time scale there are plenty of obsolete and dead personal computers. i bring down these computers to their material, awaken them with mechanical movements thus placing an emphasis on their sound resonance. wires and cables are spread around as the guts of the computer. mechanical parts of the installation are driven by a simple system for mechanical programming, we could consider it the most simple form of an algorithm. this algorithm works on an circular principle, thus giving an information if each element is on or off.


the work was exhibited at the sounding d.i.y. exhibition (2018, mkc split).