songs for the anthropocene #4 at galerija šira | 03/02/2020

the exhibition titled songs for the anthropocene #4 opened in galerija šira (zagreb) on 03.02.2020. exhibition was made in collaboration with valentina butumović, teuta gatolin, ivan jamić, iva korenčić and branimir štivić.






galerija šira

valentina butumović

teuta gatolin

iva korenčić

branimir štivić





choreography of utopia, movement nr. 2 @kdf 009 | 30/11/2019

performed choreography of utopia, movement nr. 2 at karlovac dance festival 2019. with andro giunio and sonja pregrad.

the performance took place at the city theatre “zorin dom” karlovac 29.11.2019.









test_lab: machinic ecologies @v2_ | 18/11/2019

traveling to v2_ lab for the unstable media to present my research and work goldrush, as part of the test_lab project.


test_lab: machinic ecologies is organised in partnership of v2_ and kontejner.org




v2_ lab for the unstable media





anthropocene workshop | 11/11/2019

running a 6 day (11.11.-16.11.) intensive workshop on the anthropocene, geology of media and deep time. workshop is organized for ma new media students from the academy of fine arts zagreb.


more info here (croatian only)





whw akademija 2019/2020 | 04/11/2019

participating as a student at whw akademija, starting tomorrow (05.11.2019.) and lasting until may 31st, 2020.

about the academy:

whw akademija is a new program for emerging artists. it aims to foster new forms of self-determination, based on modes of critical reflection, curiosity and encounters among artists, artworks, art professionals, scholars and practitioners across disciplines.[…] the resident professors throughout this year’s program are david maljković and kate sutton, who will collaboratively develop a mentoring program and regular meetings for the students; and sanja iveković who will conduct a masterclass for the participants on a monthly basis. guest professors are banu cennetoğlu, daar (sandi hilal and alessandro petti) and manuel pelmuş.



whw curatorial collective

whw akademija generation 2019/2020 

whw akademija





pivilion_dot_net @the wrong |

exhibiting a series of videos titled ‘wish i had something to say and i’m saying it’, under the moniker ‘tin’, on the darkweb pavilion of the wrong – new digital art biennale, organised by format c art org.

i will be updating the site during the whole biennale (november 2019 – march 2020).



the work is accessible on this link (via tor browser):




other links:

the wrong – new digital art biennale

format c

pivilion web

pivilion darkweb link: pivilionumi6b3kg.onion/pavilion





free_art_glitch residency | 24/09/2019

just started an one week residency in karlovac (23.-29.09.2019.). the residency is organized by format c and ka-matrix. the residency is realised with the mentorship by bastien lavaud.

format c link

ka-matrix link

bastien lavaud / syntonie link





panacea /( pjesme i napitak |

exhibited the audiovisual installation titled panacea /( pjesme i napitak — panacea /( songs and potion. the installation was produced in collaboration with luana lojić, and with the help by kora dvorski, a biologist.

scroll further down for concept description.



the audiovisual installation panacea /( songs and potion was realized as a result of contaminated soil and water research. panacea, the universal cure, is recognized in the process of bioremediation – a method used to ”cure” contaminated media (soil, water, subsurface material) by altering environmental conditions to stimulate growth of microorganisms and degrade the target pollutants. we collected materials for this work through a process of lab and field work and by talking to bioremediation experts. videos of the locations and various bio media (active sludge) were made. we used microscopes to record microorganisms that help decompose wastewater. the work was inspired by the movements of these microorganisms and their choreographies. we where fascinated by the poetics of nonhuman actors.

we visited zagreb wastewater treatment plant, oil rigs close to zagreb, and interviewed professors from faculty of science, university of zagreb and rochester institute of technology, zagreb. especially interesting was talking to prof. staša puškarić about human waste composting and using sustainable methods to treat wastewaters. you can watch a ted talk by him on this link. also, he appeared in the documentary ice on fire (2019) – link.

biologist collaborator: kora dvorski

graphic design: sven sorić  (web link)

thank you:
vanja babić
jasna zmajić
faculty of science, university of zagreb
prof. staša puškarić
studio pangolin (web link)
UR institute (web link)
zagreb wastewater treatment plant – zagrebačke otpadne vode (web link)


summer tour 2019 | 24/08/2019

three performances, three locations.


the first performance was a solo one, a 40 minute set of sleep ambient at the hidden bay festival @cres, croatia, held at august, 4th.

festival organised by divlji hedonist. more info on their fb page and instagram.




second performance was an 8 hour sleep concert in collaboration with sven sorić, vedran živković and ivan šaravanja held at public space on the island of silba, croatia. organised by sea – silba environment art.




sea – silba environment art

sven sorić

ivan šaravanja

vedran živković



poster design by sven sorić.




the third performance was choreography of utopia, movement nr. 2. in collaboration with andro giunio and sonja pregrad. the performance was a part of kontejner.org festival extravagant love 2019. performance was held on 14th of august at the dom kulture, island of korčula, croatia




poster design by andro giunio.




extravagant bodies – extravagant love festival

choreography of utopia, movement nr. 2.


norac / pavičić / dožić performance in the wire | 11/06/2019

ambient music performance titled ‘klarinet i petlje’ (clarinet and loops) by norac / pavičić / dožić was mentioned in this years review of zez festival in the wire magazine issue 425 – july 2019.


zez festival

the wire magazine

video teaser for the performance:


radoslav putar award 2019. finale | 06/06/2019

exhibiting my multimedia installation ”songs for the anthropocene #3” on radoslav putar award finals at mali salon mmsu, rijeka, croatia.

exhibition is open from 06.06. to 11.07.2019.


detail from the installation






ht award | 17/05/2019

exhibiting my multimedia installation goldrush today on the ht award at museum of contemporary art zagreb. the exhibition is open until june 9th, 2019.






lecture at music academy zagreb | 26/04/2019

i was kindly invited by profesor dalibor davidović to be a guest at the music academy zagreb and talk about my work with musicology students (25.04.2019.).

link (croatian only)


30th music biennale zagreb sound design | 25/04/2019

commissioned festival trailer for 30th music biennale zagreb 2019.
video and mbz’s visual identity was created by reinterpreting a physical sound record into a diagram of a sound wave amplitude per unit of time – variable density optical sound. optical sound is a method of recording sound on a transparent filmstrip. basically, sound vibrations are translated into light oscillations – that is into black or transparent areas on the film.

trailer by sara salamon
music & festival jingle concept by tin dožić
visual identity by sven sorić and hrvoje spudić



mbz web

sven soric web

hrvoje spudic web

sara salamon web





gmk final event and post event | 10/04/2019

here are some photos of the final event of my open studio at gallery miroslav kraljević zagreb (06.04.2019.) and a short description of the post-open-studio event (10.04.2019.) with a film by pia borg and concert by joreng: thericecake.



about the event on 10.04.2019.

the event consisted of a screening of the film silica, followed by an ambient live set by joreng: thericecake.

pia borg – silica /// web link

joreng: thericecake /// web link




finally, some pictures from the final event on 06.04.2019.





gmk open studio 2 | 30/03/2019

for the second open studio night (30.03.2019.) at gmk the audience got a chance to see a live stream lecture titled vitalsit materialsim. mining life by the london based artist, curator and researcher laura netz and an expanded film by the french duo regards des lieux titled de nos mains.

vitalist materialism. mining life.

de nos mains

laura netz web

regards des lieux web





nagrada radoslav putar | 27/03/2019

i am overwhelmed and proud to announce that i have been selected as a finalist for the radoslav putar award in organisation by the institute for contemporary art zagreb.

web link


gmk open studio | 25/03/2019

some photos from the first public event (16.03.2019.) during my open studio at gallery miroslav kraljevic (gmk)

web link:


skrojene budućnosti | 22/03/2019

exhibiting my work kad strojevi stanu onda je kao da si gluh at the skrojene budućnosti exhibition at technical museum nikola tesla in zagreb. the exhibition is open from 22.03. – 22.05.2019.

museum link





open studio | 04/03/2019

i am currently having an one month open studio at gallery miroslav kraljević (gmk) in zagreb. /04.03.-04.04.2019./





oberflaechenunterstuetzung one day residency | 01/02/2019

just did a one day residency and a sound intervention for the oberflaechenunterstuetzung crew at berlin. the piece was a hommage to alvin lucier’s ‘i am sitting in a room’ and to balkan artists working as construction workers in berlin. more info at their cryptic instagram profile.

instagram link




concert for a sleeping audience | 26/01/2019

at ZK/U berlin. january 26th 2019.




device_art 6.018 | 18/12/2018

exhibiting the work goldrush at device_art festival in the museum of contemporary art, zagreb



free_art_-_additivism | 10/12/2018

my 3d sculpture for the free_art_-_additivism project intiated by format c. the sculpture is a model inspired by basil valentines third key, and the fox eating a rooster / being attacked by a rooster represents aqua regia – a mixture of acids that dissolves gold.

the sculpture was produced by marta d. stražičić.


format c


marta d. stražičić


koreografija utopije, pokret br. 2. | 05/11/2018



koreografija utopije, pokret br. 2. is an expanded choreographic research developed through collaboration between sonja pregrad, andro giunio and tin dožić. the work examines modes of codependence seen as an utopian organism. this work is a part of research titled koreografija utopije initiated by sonja pregrad and četveroruka organisation about modes of codependence and sinestesia.


movement: sonja pregrad

sound: andro giunio

light: tin dožić


outer body/ear/eye: gregor kamnikar and davorka begović


web links:

koreografija utopije, pokret br 2.

andro giunio 

sonja pregrad

koreografija utopije phase 0






songs for the anthropocene #2 at sounding diy | 01/10/2018

documentation of the multimedia installation songs for the anthropocene #2 exhibited at the sounding diy exhibition at mkc split (croatia, aug 6th 2018. – aug 22nd 2018.).





group ono at garage kamba | 25/09/2018

just finished a performance titled air condition, clarinet and loops at garage kamba in zagreb, croatia. the performance consisted of clarinet patterns by branimir norac and live looping of the clarinet in eight channels by tin dozic. this work is a combination of classical music and electronics that creates a minimalistic composition.


grupa ono kamba






nekoliko krajolika i strojeva | 10/09/2018

just did a sound performance nekoliko krajolika i strojeva at the FIUK festival at the city koprivnica museum (07.09.2018.)




kašetarnica | 26/08/2018

audio visual performance ‘the heros journey’ was performed in the city of sinj, croatia on 24.08.2018. the piece by the pinealis glandula group (branimir norac, mirna pavičić, tin dožić) consist of analog vj-ing by means of overhead projectors, and experimental music that combines elements of classical music with live looping and sampling.




golden watermelon 2.0 | 19/08/2018

the work songs for the anthropocene won the golden watermelon award 2018 at media mediterranea festival, pula, croatia.


golden watermelon
Author: ANDREJ_FOLOCopyright: Andrej Folo




sounding diy | 05/08/2018

participating on the group exhibition sounding diy with the work songs for anthropocene #2 at mkc in split, croatia from aug 6th 2018. – aug 22nd 2018.




just came back… | 20/07/2018

…from the ento hvar festival, at a small village humac on the island of hvar. did a performance with tommaso rolando, paolo g. bonfiglio and pavlica bajsić brazzoduro. the audiovisual performance dealt with the notion of a second home and utilised experimental sound, spoken word and animations. i also worked as technical support for the soundwalk made by pavlica and tommaso.




collaboration with colin black | 17/06/2018

just started a collaboration with australian sound artist and researcher colin black. we are working on a sound art piece titled machine life in the bush of ghosts that combines our two approaches to sound – diy machines with organic sound. this collaboration is organised and supported by perforacije festival and the music salon zagreb.

machine life in the bush of ghosts




sleep concert at ZK/U | 11/06/2018

just finished a konzert für ein schlafendes publikum // sleeping soncert at ZK/U – center for art and urbanistics (berlin). the concert was realised in collaboration with carl bussey, cha ji ryang, hjemin jung, sven sorić and vanda kreutz.


Author: Tin
« 1 of 2 »




magic carpets | 31/05/2018

currently participating in the project magic carpets as organiser of a walk for the copenhagen based artist maj horn.

maj horn will be staying as artist-in-residence in zagreb during june. her work deals with public spheres and communities by looking into aspects of knowledge sharing and the identity and atmosphere of places. as a part of her project in zagreb, i am guiding a walk in the zagreb neighbourhood dugave and saša šimpraga is a guide in the city centre.

the project magic carpets is a part of creative europe platform. the zagreb residency is organised by lab852.




…at performance marathon |

performance ‘in absence’, concept: tin dožić, music: branimir norac. the performance is a result of a series of lectures and workshops at kustoska platforma. the performance utilised found sound (on a telephone answering machine microcasette) and minimalist music on the clarinett. the performance was held at 30.05. at KNAP (Zagreb).

a short description of the performance (in coratian):

“Performans/izvedba se bavi pitanjem odustva i osjećajem koji prati isto. Na ova pitanja odgovaram indirektno koristeći pronađeni, sada ‘arhivski’, materijal – mikrokazetu sa sadržajem telefonske sekretarice meni potpuno nepoznate osobe. Izvođač ovog performansa nisam ja, već akademski iglazbenik Branimir Norac koji je jedini i prisutan pred publikom. On pušta mikrokazetu sa snimkama glasova nepoznatih ljudi – njih istovremeno odustnih/prisutnih, a istovremeno se pitamo kome su ti glasovi upućeni. Govori su svakodnevni, banalni i ne nose neko značenje, već im značenje daje glazbenik – dodaje emocionalnu vrijednost ovom artefatku nekog minulog vremena / odnosa.”




just returned… | 06/05/2018

from a short tour with the band nemeček in slovenia.

04.05.2018. @KMKC Kompleks (ravne na koroškem)

05.05.2018. @C.M.A.K. (cerkno) 




some… | 24/04/2018

…photos from the zez workshop. participants made simple punk-ish diy amplifiers with electromagnetic pickup coils.





soon… | 17/04/2018

…i will be performing as part of pinealis glandula project with clarinetist/saxophonist branimir norac and vj mirna pavičić. the piece will consist of analog vj-ing by means of overhead projectors, and experimental music that combines elements of classical music with harsh noise. performance will be held on 19.04.2018. in kset (zagreb) as  part of zez festival, and we will perform as support for turning jewels into water.


an older and different version of a performance by pinealis glanudla can be seen here.




workshop… | 07/04/2018

…at croatian film union. i co-run a workshop with vanda kreutz. it was a stop motion animation workshop for kids (7-11 years old). the final animation will be presented at kino tuškanac in july, 2018.




soon… | 01/04/2018

…i will hold a workshop at zez festival.

the workshop includes building diy amplifiers and electromagnetic pickup coils. the participants take home with them a unique electromagnetic wave sniffing tool.



future plans | 20/03/2018

working as technician / collaborator on a project by my colleagues and friends antonija bačić and valerija cerovec  on their project sraslo tijelo for sound art incubator (mochvara gallery).




performing… | 15/03/2018

…re-cycles at the reopening of karas gallery in zagreb.






workshop… | 09/03/2018

…for kids at the closing of the exhibition songs for the anthropocene / pjesme za antropocen

today i held a short workshop for kids together with my colleague vanda kreutz. The workshop consisted in explaining how led’s work, and the participans built their smal ”traffic lights” with play doh, made graphite circuits to power led’s and made drawings that incorporated led lights.





### & tus nua | 02/03/2018

contributing to an audiovisual installation/scenography for uzvodno ep release concert by ###





in mochvara | 01/03/2018

contributing sound loops to a noise rock set by vedran živković today in club mochvara (zagreb) as support for timber rattle.





songs for the anthropocene / pjesme za antropocen solo exhibition opening at galerija prozori (zagreb) | 22/02/2018

galerija prozori is a gallery placed in a local library which creates an unique exhibition situation. for this i made a multimedia installation that consists of a table and various objects placed on it.