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re-cycles @v2_

sound performance with self made instruments (2017)


re-cycles is a work based on waste materials. e-waste, old tools, and other obsolete materials are used to create electroacoustic and mechanical instruments. components of old electronics and tools become microphones that pick up electromagnetic emissions (coils from power supplies), tone generators (motors), resonant bodies (metal and wood), and moving mechanisms that produce sounds.

during the summer sessions residency in rotterdam, the author collected e-waste and discarded materials through donations and browsing secondhand shops. from these materials he made mechanical objects for sound production. the process of making these objects is improvisational, depending on what is found and its constructional possibilities. the result is a sound performance that uses the movement of the obsolete as a means to give new value to discarded materials. it emphasizes the musical potential of the materials, as well as the problematics of overconsumption and pollution. the instruments and performance were made specifically for the summer sessions residency, instruments were left in rotterdam and performance held once.


this project is produced as part of the summer sessions network for talent development in a co-production of metamedia association and v2_ lab for the unstable media.

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sound performance with self made instruments (2017)


the performance of re-cycles is a product of studying and working with outdated technologies and electronic waste. during a two-month residency at the academy of fine arts in zagreb (february and march 2017) the author dedicated to making simple acoustic instruments and electromechanical system for playing on these instruments. by recycling old walkmans, cd players and toys, he collected electromotors that are basis for this performance. electromotors serve as resonators for acoustic instruments. at the same time, the recording of their electromagnetic radiation makes them tone generators. the use of this kind of diy instruments is an attempt of reanimating the old media that results in a performance in free noise style.



electromagnetisms – 14 simple interactions with electronic devices

sound piece for radio (2017)


a coil within an alternating magnetic field makes the conversion of mechanical vibration into electric activitiy possible. therefore one of its applications is found in the production of microphones and speakers as it allows the fetching and generating of sound waves. the coil is also used as one of the main elements of radio receivers, and with all the other elements makes the fetching of radio signals possible. radio technology functions on the principle of transimitting and receiving inaudible electromagnetic waves. these signals are shifted into the hearing range through processes such as the demodulation of the signal and they become the content of the radio programme.

”i was fascinated by the above mentioned simple facts so i made my own pickup coil – a kind of a mirophone that picks up electromagnetic emmisions of electronic devices. since radio receivers are usually callibrated to filter out this sort of intereferentions from the signal i thought it would be interesting to play these sounds on a radio programme. i recorded electromagnetic emmisions of fourteen electronic devices that i use on a regular basis and made them audible. my goal was to make these unwanted sounds wanted, prefering the noise to signal. with this approach i reduce the radio to its most basic elements, and the radio broadcast is taken literally – as an electromagnetic wave. the composition itself was made as a set of spoken instructions of use for each device. i followed the instructions and recorded the devices simultaneously.”

can we learn something about our relationship with electronic devices by listening to their electromagnetic emmisions?


this work is originaly made in croatian and is titled: elektromagnetizmi – 14 jednostavnih interakcija s elektroničkim uređajima. this work is produced for the croatian national radio third program (HR3) show slika od zvuka / picture of sound.


this work was selected by the croatian national radio third program (HR3) curator evelina turković to participate in  palma ars acoustica award 2018 edition organized by the european broadcasting union.


curator: evelina turković

speaker: željko tomac

tehnician: dubravko robić


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i am sitting in a room v2.0

sound performance (2016)


this work is a digital hommage/remix of alvin lucier’s ”i am sitting in a room”. the work focuses on human voice becoming a digital artefact and the instabillity/fragillity of digital media. while lucier was using acoustics of physical space as a starting point and utilizing acoustical phenomenon for his piece, this work takes the digital ”space” as a starting point.  through transcoding and databending a live recorded file of the artists voice he searches for its extremes and sonic textures that completely render it functionless. the recording gradually starts to loose its fidelity and through time it becomes completely bent, ending in harsh noise. it is not the voice that is bent, but its medialized version, the audio file. this work takes into account the poetic aspect of lucier’s original work. the text itself is changed and applied to the artists bad english accent.